Overview of all rental vehicle categories in Australia

On this page we have compiled all motorhomes and campervans that you can rent via CamperOase within Australia. To make your search easier, you can filter the vehicles by category. We differentiate the vehicles according to Sleepervans, Hitop Campervans, 2-berth Shower/Toilet and the combined category of the larger 4 & 6 berth shower/toilet motorhomes. If you don't yet know which category suits your needs, you might want to check out our comparison table on Comparing rental campervan models. Enjoy browsing!

Overview by category

Vivid Camper - The Mini-Camper for 4 Persons

  • The Vivid Camper is not older than 3 years max. – a model of the upper middle class
  • The vehicle length of 5.40 m offers enough space
  • Modern Mercedes that offers a lot of driving comfort
  • Compact, well-designed interior
  • Inexpensive and simple camper for 4 people

Euro Star - Modern Motorhome

  • The Euro Star is max. 3 years old and hence a model of the upper middle class
  • Everything is found on a vehicle length of 7.70 m
  • Electronic bed lifting system, oven and outside grill
  • Thanks to the awning and air conditioning, you are prepared for hot days
  • Suitable for 2-4 adults or a family with 2 children

Britz Hitop - Young Hitop Camper for 2 People

  • 4 years old or younger
  • Compact Hitop for 2 people - length: 4.90m - internal height: 1.86m
  • 4 year old interior with an external table
  • Reliable vehicle without shower and toilet
  • Children must be at least 4 years old to travel in the camper

Discovery - The 4 Berth Motorhome with Alcove Bed

  • The vehicles are a maximum of 4 years old
  • The vehicle is 6.60 m long. The headroom is 2.06 m
  • Modern interior, rear-view camera, swivel seats, external storage compartment
  • Easy to set up alcove bed 1,40m x 2,00m
  • Minimum driver`s age: 21 years

Explorer - The Homely 4 Berth Camper

  • The Explorer vehicles are max. 4 years old
  • Vehicle length: 7.25m, interior height: 2.15m
  • Modern interior with lots of storage space
  • Rear-view camera, safe, external storage compartment, solar current collectors
  • Rentable from 21 years

Britz Frontier -6 Berth Motorhome with Space for 4 Child Seats

  • Vehicles are not older than max. 4 years
  • Vehicle length: 7,20m, interior height: 2,10m
  • Layout designed for up to 6 people
  • Particularities: Awning, rear-view camera, solar system, external storage space
  • Rentable from 21 years

Juliette 2+1 Hitop Camper - The Standard Hitop by Camperman

  • The Juliette 2 +1 was constructed in the time 2009-2013
  • Three travelers can travel cheaply with the Juliette Hitop
  • Child seats cannot be attached
  • There is plenty of storage space under the benches
  • You can rent and drive the Juliette Hitop from the age of 18

Juliette Family 4+1 Hitop - The Family 4+1 `s Younger Brother

  • The younger model compared to the Family 4 + 1 Hitop
  • Vehicle length: 5 m ,; interior height: 2.1 m
  • For up to 5 passengers, including 1 child with a child seat
  • Three travelers can sleep inside the camper and 2 outside in a tent
  • You can rent and drive the Juliette Family 4 + 1 Hitop from the age of 18

Paradise Family 5 Shower / Toilet - A Hotel Room on Wheels

  • Built on the basis of a Toyota Hiace DLX - extra space
  • Vehicle length: 5.6 m, interior height: 2.1 m
  • Suitable for a small group or family of up to 5 people
  • Shower and toilet on board for absolute freedom when traveling
  • You can rent and drive this Hitop from the age of 18

Vivid Camper - The Mini-Camper for 4 People

  • The Vivid Camper is 3-6 years old: a model of the lower middle class
  • The vehicle length of 5.10 m offers enough space
  • The modern Mercedes model offers a lot of driving comfort
  • Compact, well-designed interior
  • Inexpensive, simple camper for up to 4 travelers

Cheapa 2-Berth Shower / Toilet - Cheaper Sprinter for Couples

  • Vehicle age of 3-6 years
  • Former Apollo Euro Tourer model
  • The interior is solid with partly renewed curtains, seat covers, etc.
  • Equipped with air conditioning in the living room and the driver's cabin
  • Approved for 2 people

Cheapa 4 Berth - Older 4-Man Motorhome at a Good Price

  • The Cheapa 4 Berth Motorhome is between 3 and 6 years old
  • Former Apollo Euro Camper
  • If necessary, in some cases the interior has been renewed
  • Air conditioning in the driver's cabin and in the living area
  • Suitable for families with 2 children from 6 months

Cheapa 6 Berth - Older 6-Man Motorhome at a Good Price

  • Vehicle age between 3 and 6 years
  • Former Apollo Euro Deluxe
  • Six belts and 3 double beds
  • Air conditioning in the front and in the rear
  • Two child seats can be attached

6 Berth Discovery - Large Premium-Class Motorhome

  • 0-4 year old vehicles
  • Large 6-person motorhome (Length: 7,20m interior height: 2,0m)
  • First-class interior with 3 beds, clever storage space, small bathroom
  • First-class kitchen with a huge 190l fridge
  • Large awning, perfectly designed for camping in Australia


The Picton 2 Berth - A Compact Motorhome for Two People

  • The Picton vehicles are 4-7 years old
  • The model is compact and maneuverable: 5.8m length and 1.9m inside height
  • The interior is modern and provides a permanent bed
  • Innovative and practical with integrated toilet and shower
  • The vehicle may be driven from the age of 21

4-Bed Henty - Middle Class Motorhome for Friends and Families

  • 4 - 7-year old motorhome
  • Generous and well-conceived structure
  • Vehicle length: 7.20m interior height: 2.0m
  • Sitting area with all-round visibility in the rear
  • Pleasantly cozy interior made of wood, with signs of wear

6 Berth Derwent - Affordable Motorhome for Friends

  • Three large double beds during the day, two sitting areas during the day
  • Towels and bed linen included
  • Up to 2 child seats attachable
  • Passage to the living room
  • Also suitable for a group of 4 or a medium-sized family

Hippie Drift - The Mini-Camper for Backpackers

  • At least 5 years old, mostly older
  • Mileage very diverse, starting from 150,000 km
  • Interior with a small 37 L refrigerator
  • Without shower and toilet
  • Roof rack to attach, i.e. surfboards

Jucy El Cheapo Sleeper Mini Camper - The Old One

  • Oldest sleeper model in the Jucy fleet
  • Suitable for two people who don’t mind a lot of wear and tear
  • Simple kitchen installed in the rear
  • Very cheap option to travel Australia
  • For rent from 18 years and above

Jucy Crib Sleeper Mini-Camper - The 4-Seater with 2 Berths

  • Middle-class sleeper van
  • Cooking with an open trunk lid
  • Sleeper for up to 4 travelers - only 2 beds available!
  • Equipped with a small compressor cold box
  • For rent from 18 years and above

Jucy Compass Mini Camper - The Mini Bus with a Roof Tent

  • Newer vehicle with interior from 2018
  • Popular with young drivers over 18, very suitable for groups
  • Particularly cheap to rent for a group of 4 people
  • Economical diesel engine
  • Very modern sleeper van with roof tent

3 Berth Hitop Campervan

  • Vehicle age between 0 and 4 years
  • Vehicle length: 4.70m interior height: 1.80m
  • Suitable for 2 adults and 1 child (crib in the high roof)
  • Equipped with awning and rear-view camera
  • Clearly the best equipped Hitop camper in Australia

2 + 1 Berth Wanderer Deluxe - Ideal for Couples With a Child

  • Vehicle launched in 2019
  • Vehicle length: 6.96m Interior height: 1.92m
  • Ideal for couples or parents with a child
  • Child seat right behind the parents
  • Extra crib in the living room, permanent double bed possible in the back

2 Berth Voyager Deluxe Motorhome for Couples

  • All vehicles entered the fleet in 2019
  • Vehicle length: 6.25m Interior height: 2.00m
  • For couples who don't want to do without comfort
  • Equipped with air conditioning and awning
  • The best equipped 2-person vehicle in Australia

3 Berth Cruiser Motorhome for Families With a Child

  • Vehicle Age between 0 and 3 years
  • Vehicle length: 6.25m Interior height: 2.00m
  • Suitable for small families with a child from 6 months
  • Child seat can be attached in the 3rd row at the front
  • Crib above the driver's cabin, queen-size bed in the back

Ultima Plus - Premium Camper for Parents With Children

  • The vehicles at Maui are a maximum of 2 years old
  • Vehicle length: 7.00 m interior height: 1.90 m
  • The interior is stylish and of high quality
  • In addition to a solar system, the Maui Ultima Plus offers an outdoor grill
  • Approved for drivers aged 21 and over

Mighty Double Down - Budget Hitop Camper für 4 Personen

  • The camper is older than 4 years
  • Vehicle length 5.55m; Internal height varies between 1.98m - 2.40m
  • Two double beds, attachment of 2 child seats possible
  • Different layouts under the name Double Down available

Mighty Double Up - Spacious Budget Motorhome for 4 People

  • The vehicle of the budget class is at least 4 years old
  • Length of the vehicle: 7.15m - 7.25m; Standing height: 2.10m -2.15m
  • Two double beds, kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Attachment of 2 child seats or 2 booster seats possible

Pandora RV - 4-Man Motorhome with Automatic Bed Lifting System

  • Since max. 1 year on the roads of Australia - a premium-class vehicle
  • Vehicle length: 7.70m interior height: 2.10m
  • 2 large double beds and separate bathroom
  • The electronic bed lifting system in the back saves daily conversions
  • Rear-view camera, air conditioning and awning

Hercules RV - 6-Man Premium-Class Motorhome

  • Since max. 1 year on the roads of Australia - a premium-class vehicle
  • Vehicle length: 7.70 m interior height: 2.00 m
  • 3 large double beds
  • 2 child seats for children from 6 months can be attached
  • Rear-view camera, air conditioning and awning

Budgy Camper - Simple Mini-Camper of Older Age

  • The Budgy Camper if from 2013
  • Cooking on the go thanks to the cold box (ice) and portable gas hob
  • Small vehicle size, making it easy to drive
  • Little storage space, low interior height
  • Approved for drivers 18 years and older

Budget Campervan - Ideal for Backpackers on a Low Budget

  • The fairly old budget camper is from 2006 to 2009
  • Vehicle length: 5.00m Interior height: 1.85m
  • The interior is bright, but often already worn out
  • Refrigerator, microwave and air conditioning (driver's cabin)
  • High-roof bed for max. 80kg

New and Modern Interior Design at A Fair Price

  • The Kuga camper was manufactured between 2010 and 2014
  • Vehicle length: 5.00m Interior height: 2.00m
  • Between 2016 and 2019 the Kuga got a brand-new interior
  • The Kuga can accommodate a maximum of 3 people
  • Approved for drivers 18 years and older

Hi 5 Campervan - The Biggest Hitop for Families and Groups

  • Vehicles manufactured between 2007 - 2011
  • Vehicle length: 5,60m interior height: 2,10m
  • There are already some Hi 5 with new interior from 2018
  • However, there are still some campers with old interior fittings
  • 3 attachment options for seating aids (2 x child seat & 1 x booster seat)