Overview of all rental vehicle categories in New Zealand

On this page we have compiled all motorhomes and campervans that you can rent via CamperOase within New Zealand. To make your search easier, you can filter the vehicles by category. We differentiate the vehicles according to Sleepervans, Hitop Campervans, 2-berth Shower/Toilet and the combined category of the larger 4 & 6 berth shower/toilet motorhomes. If you don't yet know which category suits your needs, you might want to check out our comparison table on Comparing rental campervan models. Enjoy browsing!

Overview by category

Backpacker Sleepervan - The Affordable Sleeper

  • The average vehicle age is approximately 20 years (1997)
  • With a vehicle length of 4.40m you are very mobile
  • Old interior with visible signs of wear
  • The vehicle if not self-contained
  • Approved for drivers aged 21 and over

Budgy Traveller Hitop Camper - Older Brother to the Euro Hitop

  • The Hitop is from 2005 and belongs to the budget class
  • Vehicle length: 4.90m Interior height: 1.98m
  • Functional interior, but not the newest
  • The Hitop is self-contained
  • Slightly higher inside than most Hitops

Budgy Familia 6 Berth Motorhome - Budget Vehicle for Families

  • The motorhome is from 2010 and hence belongs to the budget class
  • On a length of 7.10m there is enough space for the whole family
  • The interior has quite a few years under its belt
  • The vehicle is self-contained
  • One of very few motorhomes that is suitable for attaching up to 4 child seats

Cheapa Hitop - The Affordable Hitop Camper for 2 People

  • The Cheapa 2 berth hitop has been rented for 3-6 years
  • The vehicle comes from the Apollo fleet | possible increased mileage
  • The interior will be refreshed after the takeover by Cheapa
  • The Cheapa 2 berth hitop is not certified as self-contained
  • Max. 2 adults or one adult and one child (8-13)

2+1 Berth - Reliable Hitop for 3 Friends or Parents With a Kid

  • The Euro Hitop campers are from 2010/11
  • Vehicle length: 4.90m Interior height: 1.98m
  • The interior was renewed in 2013
  • The campers are certified as self-contained and therefore offer all freedom
  • Approved for drivers 18 years and older

Euro Familia 5 Berth - The Middle-Class Motorhome for Families

  • The motorhome is from 2013 and thus belongs to the middle class
  • Vehicle length: 7.10m interior height: 2.20m
  • The interior offers 5 beds, a kitchen and a bathroom
  • The vehicle is self-contained
  • Drivers must be at least 21 years old

Happy Sleeper Original -Space-Saving Camper for the Economical

  • The basic vehicle of the Original Sleeper is a Toyota Estima or Nissan El Grand from 2000-2001
  • The 4.6m long & 1.8 m high (Interior height: 1.2m) sleeper has room for essentials
  • The mini-camper has a kitchen with a sink inside the vehicle instead of a trunk
  • Since the Happy Sleeper Original is not self-contained, you cannot freedom camp
  • Drivers aged 18 and above can rent the Happy Sleeper Original

Happy 3 Original - Particularly Inexpensive High-Roof Camper

  • The Happy 3 Original high-roof camper is from 1999-2003
  • The vehicle is 4.80m long and has an interior height of approx.1.90m
  • A child seat can easily be attached thanks to an anchor point
  • Since the Happy 3 Original is self-contained, freedom camping is possible
  • You can rent and drive the camper from the age of 18

Happy Hi 5 - Affordable Alternative to the Expensive Motorhome

  • The basic vehicle of the Happy Hi 5 Camper is from 2007/08
  • The DLX variant of the Hiace has a length of 5.6m and an interior height of 2.1m
  • Up to 5 people can ride in the camper, 3 in the front and 2 in the back
  • Freedom camping is possible due to the self-contained certification
  • You can rent and drive the Happy Hi 5 Camper from the age of 18

Happy 4 Berth - The Affordable Motorhome Option for Families

  • The motorhome is from 2003-2005, thus it is older
  • The vehicle length of the Ford Transit is 6m, the interior height is 2m
  • Equipped with a gas heater, you can also travel comfortably in winter
  • The self-contained certification enables freedom camping
  • You can rent and drive the Happy 4 Berth from the age of 21

Jucy Chaser - The Hitop With Shower and Toilet

  • Vehicle is from 2004 or newer
  • Interior fittings are from 2016 or newer
  • This vehicle is self-contained
  • Less storage space due to shower and toilet
  • For rent from 18 years

Cheviot 4 Berth Motorhome - 4-Person Middle-Class Motorhome

  • The Kiwi Cheviot 4 is from 2014
  • Vehicle length: 6.00m; Interior height: 2.00m
  • Equipped with a diesel heater
  • The vehicle has self-contained certification
  • For drivers from 24 years

Ranger 4 Berth - The Luxury Motorhome for Families

  • The Kiwi Ranger is from 2016-2019
  • Vehicle length: 7.40m; Interior height: 2.10m
  • The interior is very comfortable, but with clear signs of wear
  • Freedom camping is possible with the Ranger
  • For drivers from 24 years

Lucky Roadie - Older Budget Hitop Camper for 3 People

  • Older Toyota Hiace from 1999-2002
  • Vehicle length: 4.70m; Interior: 1.90m
  • A double bed and single bed on top, built-in kitchen in the back
  • The camper is not self-contained
  • Automatic transmission and diesel engine

Ultima Plus - Premium Camper for Parents with a Child

  • The vehicles at Maui are a maximum of 2.5 years old
  • Vehicle length: 7.00 m; Interior height: 1.90 m
  • The interior is stylish and still very high quality
  • The Maui Ultima Plus has self-contained certification
  • Approved for drivers aged 21 and above

Deuce - The 2 Berth Camper with Shower and Toilet

  • At least 5 years old or even older
  • Vehicle length depending on version: 6.00m - 7.20m; Interior height: 1.85m -1.94m
  • Shower and toilet, kitchenette, 1 double bed or 2 single beds
  • Certified as self-contained
  • No child seat attachment possibilities

Double Up - The Most Affordable Motorhome for 4 People

  • The Mighty Double Up 4 berth motorhome is older than 5 years - budget class
  • Vehicle length depending on variant: 6,90m-7,25m; Interior height: 2,10m-2,15m
  • Interior offers 2 double beds, kitchen and bathroom
  • Freedom camping allowed due to self-contained certification
  • For rent from 21 years

2+1 Motorhome - The Premium Model

  • The vehicle is from 2018 and 2019
  • Vehicle length: 5.90m, interior height: 1.90m
  • A double bed plus hammock for a child, small bathroom with shower and toilet
  • The camper is self-contained certified
  • There is a passage between the driver and living cabin

TUI Bunkie Sleepa - Perfect for 4 Backpackers

  • The TUI Bunkie Sleepa 4 Berth is a brand new camper with a unique design
  • Automatic transmission
  • Vehicles were built in 2018
  • Ideal for a group of friends

TUI Trail Finder 2-3 - Medium-Class Hitop

  • Middle-aged hitop campers
  • Automatic transmission
  • Interior from 2013-15
  • A child seat can be attached in the driver's cabin

TUI Bush Camper 2 Berth - 4 WD Vehicle in NZ

  • Toyota HiLux with 4WD
  • From 2009
  • Diesel engine and manual transmission
  • Suitable for 2 adults
  • Cooking options inside and outside

Koru 2+1 Berth Camper - A Reliable Hitop Camper

  • Youngest Hitop of the fleet
  • L-shaped kitchen for plenty of storage space
  • Small outdoor shower with hot water
  • Storage compartment above the driver`s cabin
  • Relatively high fuel consumption

Budget 2 Berth Camper - The Popular VW T5

  • Self-contained
  • Camper for two adults and one child
  • L-shaped kitchen for plenty of storage space
  • VW camper with long wheelbase
  • 3 seats in the cabin

Budget 2+1 Berth Premium Camper - The Better Budget Camper

  • Hot water and outdoor shower
  • Gas stove with grill
  • L-shaped kitchen for plenty of storage space
  • Large storage compartment above the cabin
  • 3 seats in the driver`s cabin

Budget 4 Berth - The 4 Berth Motorhome of the Budget-Class

  • One of the cheapest motorhomes in New Zealand
  • Rather not suitable for traveling with children
  • Economical gas parking heater
  • Two real double beds
  • Fuel-saving diesel